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Neudorf Vineyards

1978 and the New Zealand fine wine industry was almost non existent. Judy and Tim Finn were fresh from the “back to the land” movement of the late sixties. They wanted to make beautiful wine and figured Tim’s masters in Animal Behaviour along with Judy’s unimpressive journalism career would be beneficial. Wrong. However they did have youth (temporary), self belief (unwarranted) and friends. At one stage they had four mortgages and three jobs each. The old house at Neudorf had electricity in two rooms, an outside long drop, an inefficient wood stove and no hot water. Judy and Tim look back with no regrets and more than thirty years later the wines they have crafted have been shared at tables accross the globe and garnered some of the highest praise of all of New Zealand’s wines.

Neudorf wines unapologelically celebrate the sites in which they are grown. The Nelson region and the Moutere area in particular, receives a lot of sun – more than 2300 hours a year, making it one of New Zealand’s sunniest regions. Clear skies allow for rapid cooling at night, nurturing the slow development of flavours and a gradual reduction in fruit acids. This combination of climate and soil type produces white wines of concentration and texture, and rich savoury Pinot Noir with a fingerprint of textured minerally fruit acid.

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